MoMo – Chung kết học viện MoMo

Based on the idea of Q&A game, MoMo developed the game into a contest for all students to participate in the MoMo app. In the final round, the brightest students will play head-to-head on the big stage.
MTech Digital programmed the software for the Momo Academy Finals Competition.

Boostrix – Vacxin Launching Event

Boostrix – GSK opened a 3-in-1 product launch event for diphtheria – tetanus – whooping cough for children from 4 years old, adolescents and adults.
MTech Digital developed the game based on AR technology, and the bike racing – sensor built-in game at the event.


Hundreds of determined throws tarnish the training ball, thousands of stubborn runs wear down the heels.
Step by step you move forward, each day old objects wear out. Mom, what do you think when standing in front of these “Vật mòn cũ”?