Clear’s public communication campaign about wearing qualified helmets attracted many participants and contributed to spreading a meaningful social message about traffic safety.  

Hat-smashing challenge On the official Clear website, everyone can join in the 2-screen Interactive Hat Break Challenge with many attractive gifts. The gameplay is very simple, just need a smartphone with a network connection, the player enters the link taken on the website into the web browser on the phone, then swings the phone to smash the bad hat shown on the computer (synchronized technologies). If the hat is “slashed” correctly the specified number of times within a given time, the player will receive a gift.

Not only interacting with beating hats on the website, but people can also participate in the challenge “Crushing a bad hat – Get movie tickets” which took place on October 2, 03, and 4 at Galaxy theaters in HCMC cinema BHD Icon 68. The challenge not only brings entertainment moments for players but also contributes to conveying a meaningful message about the importance of the right helmet. Source:  

Source: Clear Việt Nam

Time: Apr, 2015



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