Good news for prospective fathers: connecting with that little spirit is no longer a mother’s privilege. Your baby’s healthy heartbeat and lovely sound from now on will be transmitted directly to dad’s heart through the FWD MATCHING app.


With this app, both parents will have the same account information. Every time the mother goes to the ultrasound room for a routine pregnancy check-up, the FWD “CÙNG NHỊP ĐẬP” app will help you record your baby’s heartbeat.


Then, this lovely sound is instantly synchronized on the dad’s phone, accompanied by the baby’s beats accurately simulated by the phone’s vibrating beat. Then, dad just presses the phone to his left chest, the position of his heart, to immediately feel the child’s heartbeat almost at the same time as the mother. The connection between father and child has also since become stronger and clearer than ever. Early feel, soon protect. 

Time: 2018



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