Credit by Lancôme Fanpage

The campaign “Youth Charger – a fresh source of recharging for the skin” of high-end cosmetic brand LANCÔME originates from the similar association between charging the phone every day with the “recharging” for the skin. Both are equally necessary and urgent in all girls’ lives. Because of the significance of the program, when the Youth Charger – Skin Charging Station, which was first launched at Takashimaya Shopping Center District 1, Ho Chi Minh City on July 7, 2018, attracted a lot of people and the attention of women who come to attend.

MTech Digital has deployed and implement the big idea from Lancôme brand and successfully developed a skin condition checking software for integrated skin production of Sampling Machine.

Young people can experience the “Sampling Machine” that measures and checks skin “cool”. Immediately after that, you will receive a sample kit to highlight the youthful spirit and deep moisturize. This is the “saving” solution for women – helping to “change skin” in just 7 days – Advanced Génifique moisturizing and rejuvenating essence.


Date: Jul, 2018

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