In the campaign – Commencement Ceremony of the Community’s Joint Disease Control Program, the Ministry of Health and Lifebuoy brand introduced to the community, especially to the children of the Clean Hand Team, the educational game high for children with Lifebuoy bactericidal.

Children love to transform into a hero. That is the reason why the game of Clean Hand Squads Rescue Lifebuoy’s Big Bracelet was built to realize the dreams of children.

MTech Digital is honored to be with the brand when it comes to programming games on multiple browsers and playing on many smart devices with Adobe Animate CC platform.

The game consists of 5 maps, corresponding to 5 planets. Kids will have to destroy bacteria on every planet and win medals and high scores in the rankings to win special prizes from Lifebuoy.

Credit by Mullen Lowe



Date: Nov, 2015

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