Credit by MoMo

Based on the idea of Q&A game, “Ví MoMo” developed the game into a contest [Học Viện MoMo] for all their users to participate in the app. In the final round, the top 16 users will play head-to-head on the big stage.

In each round, users have to choose a topic for questions in accordance with the rules in each round.

Credit by MoMo

MTech Digital programmed the software for the Momo Academy Finals Competition.

Each pair of contestants will sit on the “hot seats”, read and choose answers at the iPad screen. At the same time, on the big screen at the stage, you will see the correct answer, the score and time for each candidate’s answer.

Each student chooses the best answer for each question, the student with the higher score will win a prize from the organizers and proceed to the final round.

There are a total of 4 rounds (divided into 15 matches). Students compete i the form of “Pair Competition” and knockout.

After finishing 25 questions. The student with a higher total score. The rest of the students will officially become the Valedictorian of MoMo Academy


Agency: DigiX

Date: Oct, 2020

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