This is the first time, a music festival held completely free by Viettel Telecom to send young people an informed power about the relationship between music and technology. With the support of technology, especially super-speed 4G, fans can enjoy music anywhere.

In addition, young people are excited to try an extremely attractive virtual reality game: go look for Mocha logo and 4G Viettel logo to receive unexpected gifts from Mocha.

MTech Digital is honored to accompany Viettel Telecom’s chain of activities with virtual reality technology surfing and skiing over the years from 2017 to 2019.

Players will stand on a physical board with a sensor built-in, then wear virtual reality glasses to experience the VR game. The player’ tasks are try to avoid obstacles on the run, collect as many Mocha items as possible to get high scores and win rewards from the program.



Date: Jul, 2017

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