Faced with the dizzying change of technology in the 4.0 era, especially in Covid-19 pandemic, businesses need to change their communication, advertising, and need to be consistent in both online and offline areas. 

With this solution:

  • Easily integrated/ compatible with your own workspace platform (Microsoft Teams/ Zoom/ Google Meet…)
  • Easily setting up in your office or any studio.
  • Scale up to 2,000 participants
  • Unlimited cameras in host place
  • Feasibility integrated with any Interactive activities (AR/ VR/ XR)

This platform allows:

  • Includes virtual tours and shows for audience interaction
  • Expanding the number of guests to join the event
  • Data can be compiled easily and quickly
  • Create viral media on social networking sites by sharing online

A hybrid event is any event (e.g., training workshop, conference, colloquium, congress, seminar, or exhibition) that combines both in-person and virtual (online digital) elements. Hybrid events may range from simple physical events with live streaming components to complex multi-faceted events with thousands of participants, multiple concurrent live streams, and interactive virtual and face-to-face networking sessions



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