Source: Amazon fanpage

In two days from October 27 to 28, the largest cross-border e-commerce week of 2022 organized by Amazon Global Selling Vietnam arrived at the first stop: Hanoi capital. Thousands of businesses and sellers in the Northern region have successfully approached global business opportunities – a challenging but also promising path in the new era of e-commerce.

Following the success of the event in Hanoi, the largest cross-border e-commerce week in 2022 has officially welcomed thousands of businesses and sellers in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City in two days October 31 & November 1.

The biggest cross-border e-commerce week of the year has just ended successfully, opening a wide door for Vietnamese businesses to conquer the international market. MTech Digital is pleased to accompany Amazon’s events with interactive wall.

Amazon wishes to convey information impressively through each step of the 90-day journey when businesses accompany Amazon. With projection wall size up to 7m x 4m, unique curved wall design, MTech Digital has brought an interactive technology solution, mapping on the wall when customers interact on each touch point.