The event “Chuyến xe chuyên chở tích cực” organized by Berocca Performance Mango at the “charging station” of the National University Dormitory, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City from July 9, 2022. The campaign “Kéo năng lượng trong ta, tỏa tích cực đi xa” aims to contribute to raising awareness about mental and physical health and health care for Vietnamese people.

Many activities are designed at the first stop of the bus such as: interactive games at the booth, sharing of inspiration between guests and the audience, exciting musical performances.

MTech Digital pleased to accompany the bus through an interactive game at the event, using a Myo armband device.

The player wears a sensor ring that controls the car on the screen move left/right. Their mission is collect brand items to increase energy and avoid the obstacles on the way. Until the player’s energy bar is full, the game is won.