The world’s leading premium beer brand Tiger Beer continues to “wake up bravery” for millions of fans when it first brings to the Tiger Arena for the first time. Tiger Arena marked an unprecedented series of records in Vietnam such as the largest tiger head, the longest Zipline in the heart of the city and the highest high-rope road.

Players will need to start their journey in the arena with small physical challenges before officially entering the individual competition and harsh challenges, conquering themselves. That’s a game to tests the player’s fitness and endurance through the game on the treadmill.

Depending on the pace of each player, they must run to start lighting the led string that extends from the treadmill to the model beer can. The mission at this station is to completely light up a can of Tiger Crystal beer by jogging on a treadmill.

The destination of the games and physical challenges is the overhead obstacle course – the most prominent and attractive feature at the “Đấu trường bản lĩnh – Tiger Arena“. Players will have to challenge overhead at a height of more than 10m to conquer the Tiger’s head.

Players will register to participate in the challenge and receive a magnetic card worn on their wrist.

At the starting point, when ready, the player must scan the card to start the challenge time. The player then has to overcome the obstacles to reach the finish line. The system will calculate the time the player completes the challenge through the bracelet.

The winner with the fastest time to conquer the challenge will be shown on the leaderboard screen. The leaderboard will always be updated continuously to find the top 1 “Mãnh hổ” of the arena.

In the arena, there will be 2 high rope hanging areas on both sides, with a starting height of 10m, gradually increasing to 13m and ending at a tiger’s head more than 20m high.

MTech Digital has been trusted, accompanying the Tiger Arena events and providing technology solutions for high-rope game and treadmills with a 2m high mockup of beer can.

The events took place in Dong Nai, Binh Duong and ended spectacularly in Ho Chi Minh City.