The campaign “Youth Charger – A fresh charger for the skin” of the high-end cosmetics brand LANCOME originates from the analogy between charging your phone every day with “recharging” the skin. Both are equally necessary and urgent in the life of all girls. Because of the meaning of the program, when the event Youth Charger – Charging station for skin energy, attracted a lot of attention of women to attend.

Young people attending the event can experience the “Sampling Machine” which helps to measure and test the skin. Right after that, you will receive a product sample kit to help highlight the youthful spirit & deeply moisturize.

First step the customer will be scanned the face to check the brightness of the skin. Next, PG will use an integrated device according to the sampling machine to check the moisture and oil level on the customer’s skin.

Each customer can immediately consult on the screen separate analysis results for each person and skin advice information after the test steps.

MTech Digital is very proud to be able to cooperate with LANCOME and bring a comprehensive solution of technology as well as production the sampling machine.